Saturday, February 11, 2017

Knitting a Tam, Add a Snow Moon and Max

Hello everyone!

Nice warm day here today.  Not doing too much today either.  
Football season is done (we didn't win this time, LOL) and it's a walk-around-day!

Last night we were watching the "snow moon" which was pretty impressive!
This is all we saw for the evening.

So on to some knitting.  
I found a nice cream/white for my background and used a variegated sock yarn.

After the ribbing, I began the chart and  worked the rows to the end of the pattern.  Again, I found a mistake at the very beginning of the pattern....I left it.  Jeeze......I'm going to call it a design element.  Too bad.  Oh well. 

Max totally zoned out and gave me the evil eye and wondered why I was throwing a fit. He jumped in his daddy's recliner and decided to ignore me.
Hee hee hee!

Until later...

Saturday, February 4, 2017

It's Finally Done!

Hello everyone!

Well, I finally got the tam done.  
I did make a second mistake and I had to rip the second time, but it's done.  
So in 3 days I can knit one tam.  Not too bad, huh?

This tam is much smaller than the previous one I knit.  But the number of stitches are the same.
So now I'm going to do another one with the tree and heart design (love the trees and hearts) but make it with more rows.  Hopefully that will correct the problem.  
Still looking over some extra patterns to see what I want to do.
No biggie.

Double points for the top.

All ready to be blocked.

Getting food ready for tomorrow's football game. Yum
Now going to quilt a little bit !   

Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Short Break

Hello all :)

Well, here's my mess.  
While pulling a bunch of rows out I found some missed stitches that had laddered down. (Yikes)
 It took me a while to pull and now, hopefully, I'll be able to start again with the double decreases.

I think that this is gonna be much better LOL!

So when I ripped I left it alone for a bit.
I had a dental appointment this morning so I played around with my table topper.
If you look at the circled quilting, I tried "stab stitching."
Not sure if I like the look and it's kinda slow going.
Have to think about it. :)

Later ...

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

It's Froggie Time


Don't even bother!  LOL
I got this small assortment of thimbles yesterday.  Don't waste your money.
I thought I'd try again with the thimble pads, can't use them.  One set as you can see has the little sticky things that are put into a stainless steel (really?)  holder, rip off the protective covering and it sticks inside and the whole mess is then stuck to your finger...yep, right!

The middle thimble I thought would work, it's kinda large for my fingers but the metal is really flimsy and no doubt will break after a while.  Forget it.  It's a Singer product - a jelly.

So I have exhausted all avenues and finally decided to save some money and just don't use one. 
(I said this before remember ? LOL)  
The end of it.  I think I'll take my chances and if my finger messes up I'll use that liquid bandage.

So after all that, I went back to my tam.
I was doing so well.....

I got as far as starting my double decreases.


I screwed up one of the decreases....NUTS!

Now I'll take some time and start ripping, my favorite thing.
I should have put in a  life line after each pattern set.  
Stupid me.  
I didn't think I'd have a problem. HA!

You know what I'm doing this afternoon.

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