Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wholecloth quilt


Okay so onto another adventure.
This is a design that I traced from a stencil.  Practice, practice, practice.
Changing colors, thread weight and needle, etc. etc.

Okay here we go!  This is a table topper or Xmas tree skirt.  Looks good for the table I must say.  Anyway, I started to put it together.  It actually fit on my dining room table, it was perfect!
So now, I'm using a wool batting and have made the sandwich.

It took a lot of pins.!!!!!

I hope I have enough pins!

I think I have a good amount of pins. (fingers crossed)
The next step is putting it in the frame and I'm good to go.
Let's see what tomorrow will be.
Happy quilting :)

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