Friday, January 27, 2017

Holiday table topper

Hello all!

I made a little progress this week.  It's very slow going LOL.

Remember that I couldn't use a hoop and a thimble?  Well, with some practice I managed to keep working in the hoop.  However, I still can't handle the thimble and tried those finger sticky things.  Eventually, I didn't like the feeling of the sticky stuff so I've been winging it (without a thimble).  I have ordered several different kinds of thimbles from Joann's and maybe one of them will work.   I think they use the Pony Express for delivery. It's taking forever! UGH

As I'm working, I'm trying to make my stitches even, straight and smaller.  
I'm trying the even and straight first.

I think I've done about 1/3 of quilting.

Well, back to the drawing board!

PS:  I decided to begin making Xmas presents early this year.  

if you go on over to Schoolhouse Press, Meg Swanson created a tam that I fell in love with. 

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