Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Beginning of Christmas Presents!

Hello there!

Okay, this morning I worked a little on the tam.  
I'm using Palette (fingering wool) by Knitpicks colors Suede and Garnet Heather.  
Size 0 needles for the ribbing and a 2 for the body, circulars 16" and double pointed 2's.  

I'm having issues with my camera to try and get a really crisp picture, please excuse :)

This tam below was finished a while ago and when I looked it over good I found a loose stitch.  
I'll have to fix it before I block it.
I have tried to find plexiglass about 10" round with holes for air to block my tams.
The next best thing (I thought) was to use a store bought pizza tray (cardboard) and it was 10"!!
I had to figure out how to make this work.  I had the idea to use packing tape and cover the circle several times to keep it dry when I give the tam it's bath.  I'm not sure if I should cut a smaller hole in the middle before or after I use the tape?  
Any suggestions?

Until later...

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Let's Dress Barbie!

Hi all !

A long time ago I designed some Barbie clothes to sell.  These are all my original designs.  
I didn't think that I had saved these pxs.
But I did save all my patterns and thought I'd give it a go again sometime. 

My grand baby has quite a collection of  Barbie dolls.  
I don't know if I can dress them all LOL!
Needle sizes I used were 00000, 0000, and 000!!!

I just noticed this red outfit, the skirt seam is shown at the back.

I remember that I had made a few more and will have to dig around.

Still quilting on my table topper.  

I did grab a pattern off the net for a tam.  
Started that today, in between the quilting.....
Now I don't know what to work on!

Later :)

Friday, January 27, 2017

Holiday table topper

Hello all!

I made a little progress this week.  It's very slow going LOL.

Remember that I couldn't use a hoop and a thimble?  Well, with some practice I managed to keep working in the hoop.  However, I still can't handle the thimble and tried those finger sticky things.  Eventually, I didn't like the feeling of the sticky stuff so I've been winging it (without a thimble).  I have ordered several different kinds of thimbles from Joann's and maybe one of them will work.   I think they use the Pony Express for delivery. It's taking forever! UGH

As I'm working, I'm trying to make my stitches even, straight and smaller.  
I'm trying the even and straight first.

I think I've done about 1/3 of quilting.

Well, back to the drawing board!

PS:  I decided to begin making Xmas presents early this year.  

if you go on over to Schoolhouse Press, Meg Swanson created a tam that I fell in love with. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

"Holiday" whole cloth quilt

Hi everyone!

Slowly working on my table topper.  
I'm using the stamped whole cloth quilt "Holiday" by Holice Turnbow.  Thread used is Sulky size 12, color 713-1169 (cranberry) and batting from Hobbs Tuscany Collection 100% wool.

I am not that good at quilting, yet LOL!

Remind me not to get a stencil that has circular motifs.  For a beginner, I need straight lines!

I'm going to keep going though, at the end I should be doing much better with spacing.

Back to quilting!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Wholecloth update

Hi to all!

Okay I had to make a decision as to what size thread I wanted to use.

I'm not the greatest quilter, but I did decide to use the red size 12.  It takes me a while to quilt.  I'm trying to keep all my stitches even.  HA!

Happy quilting!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wholecloth quilt


Okay so onto another adventure.
This is a design that I traced from a stencil.  Practice, practice, practice.
Changing colors, thread weight and needle, etc. etc.

Okay here we go!  This is a table topper or Xmas tree skirt.  Looks good for the table I must say.  Anyway, I started to put it together.  It actually fit on my dining room table, it was perfect!
So now, I'm using a wool batting and have made the sandwich.

It took a lot of pins.!!!!!

I hope I have enough pins!

I think I have a good amount of pins. (fingers crossed)
The next step is putting it in the frame and I'm good to go.
Let's see what tomorrow will be.
Happy quilting :)

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Ring in the New Year

Hello to all!

Over this holiday season I have been trying to make a leaf.  I tried every way  possible.  I got so frustrated I put everything in a box and put it away.  I'm just not satisfied.  I really would like the freezer paper and starch method.  I just can't get the hang of it yet.

Some pieces worked others didn't!  Tried the glue stick too.

So now I pulled out a sweater that I started a while ago and will work on this till I make up my mind about the quilting method.  Grrrrrrr

This sweater pattern is from LionBrand as a freebie.
Nice and soft bulky weight.
It's the Father's Day Cardigan using Alpine wool.

However I wanted to make an afghan for my bed and ordered yarn - what am I thinking!  LOL
Happy New Year!

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