Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Octopuses Garden continued

Happy New Year to everyone! 

Too bloody cold out.  Trying to stay warm and cozy and thinking how I'm going to approach my new quilt.  I am still looking for another applique iron and some silk threads, and a sew glue pen.  I did find my Elmer's stick but the pen works a lot better.  I'm trying to figure out which method I want to use. 

So later on today I'm going to make a test - one using the starch or glue.  Just to find some test fabric.  I also thought of using my hera tool.  I guess it all comes down to the method/how easy it is and what it's going to look right, right?

Be back later after I try the methods.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all!!!!  Hope the new year will find you well.

Trying to update my site.  Should have some pxs tomorrow for you.  How far I got and how I didn't start.  I've got so much to do.  For next year!  LOL

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, December 8, 2017

The octopus garden

Okay, here we go!
I think I have everything that is needed!

Not too sure when I'm going to start this.

Tomorrow maybe?
 Threads, tools, glues, irons, needles, etc, etc.
 Leather punch kit.
 Freezer paper.

 Patterns and patterns.


Sunday, November 26, 2017

Pitty Party

Well I haven't posted in a while, so sorry.  DH and I have had medical issues so I didn't have any spare time to blog let alone work on cleaning and cooking and crafting.  It's not every day that someone who weighs 216 pounds falls on you.  I can't explain the pain.  I couldn't move for an hour.  He survived.  LOL. I'm still going slowly.  So I've got to get moving and DO something!!!

Right now I'm obsessed with the Octopuses Garden by Pearl  Pereira.  I really thought this was a very happy quilt for me to work on.  So now I'm gathering all threads, needles, silk embroidery threads,  and applique tools. My patterns, with fabric enclosed, come once a month and I'm waaaaaay behind.

So depending on the day I'll take a px of what I have already.  Still waiting for another set of threads.

I still have to bake some Christmas cookies/bread if I feel better.  It's really tough that I can't get around too well.  It will get better!! (ha)

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Lazy Sunday

It's been a while for me to blog.

DH has been sick and made a trip to the ER resulting in an overnight stay.  
That was fun!

In the meantime to cheer myself I bought myself a treat!

I've read a lot about this tea.  I'm willing to give it a try.

And I'm still stuck on the alphabet quilt and haven't even worked on my table topper.

Maybe when I get time?

I'll try to get some blogging in here and there.

Happy Sunday!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Looking for Inspiration

Well, hello to all.  

I haven't posted in quite a while, LOL.  

This has been the year of the doctor for us. HA

I get in one of these slumps where I do a "walk-around-day" that I can't decide what to work on.  Like I should be doing the dishes, washing the floor, doing the laundry HA

In a previous post I showed the alphabet quilt that is still sitting in the frame (haven't touched it) and the table topper, I have worked a little bit but right now I may change to another whole cloth quilt that I am awaiting to be put together.  I have to be excited and enthusiastic ... yep

So unfortunately one of my nieces was diagnosed with breast cancer.  
She has been publishing her journey with breast cancer as it happens.  I don't know how she can deal with this, but she is very strong and has a group support base of family. 

 She is such an inspiration to everyone and I know it must be difficult for a young mother who adores her family and lost her mother as well.  My heart goes out to her.

So I tried to crochet a little cap for her.  I'm not a great crocheter but  maybe this will work.  I thought that I'd send this to her to kind of get a size?  Anyone out there - do you have a tighter crochet so that it wouldn't have the holes of a double crochet?
I would think that might be warmer if it was in single crochet?

Thank you to all that have supported me and prayers.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Alphabet Soup


Just checking in.  
The other day I saw this fabric and I just had to have it.  
I decided to make it a whole cloth.  
I've got my sandwich and I've begun basting. (I hate basting).

Anyone out there could give me a suggestion on HOW to quilt it?
I don't know what to do. LOL
Back to the basting. Ugh

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Just a regular pot roast please

Well, back again.

I'm still working on my wholecloth quilt.  It's getting there.
Pictures to come.

A long time ago I enjoyed PBS that showcased Julia Child.  
I loved the program.  And it's on the Net!
The French Chef

So with that in mind I bought most of her cookbooks and the Julia/Julie CD that I absolutely loved.  
It got to a point that the movie made me curious about the boeuf bourguignon.  I had never made this before.  Okay - went to the store and picked up all the ingredients.  (It wasn't cheap!)
I learned that you don't wash mushrooms, you kind of wipe them with a paper towel and how to tell if it's a good mushroom  if the cap is shut underneath.  Okay, got it.

You need to take your wonderful beef and pat it dry.  Then you fix onions and carrots.  Once the casserole is fixed you put it in the oven.

I've never used a "chunk" of bacon.  So you don't have to add this.  Nasty !! No taste!
 If I ever make it again, I would suggest just use a couple of pieces of regular bacon that you like.

I would also use the red potatoes, fresh carrots and pearl onions but just dump everything in the pot.
I wasn't really sure about adding 3 cups of wine, but I did.  Nope - nasty.

We couldn't eat it.  It was awful!
We fed it to the dog (ha,ha)
He didn't like it either !!!!!

Some day I may want to make it again, LOL, but for now I'm going to go back to my quilting.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Let the chips fall

 I just love nasturtiums  and hoping they'll survive another year.

Okay, okay, I don't know what to do. 
 I'm slowly going through all my quilting messes. (Ha)
Should I keep going with this or what???

I thought I might make another one using a Halloween theme?

This weekend I tried to make potato chips or kettle chips.  Wash the tater and slice thin, get your oil going and pop them in.  When you start taking the chips out of the oil, salt them (or not)!  Very tasty!

I'm still working on my wholecloth quilt.  I want it to be done!  I have another one that I really, really want to do.  But I promised myself that I would finish my "Holiday" quilt before I start something else.  Then I'm still working on my Octopus quilt which is appliqued.  I'll show you what is involved with this quilt!  I'm not sure I'm up to doing this one. LOL

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Its been a while and I needed a break

Hello all.  Well I've been up to no good LOL.  

Have begun to organize my UFO's.  
Still working on a variety of stuff.

A new quilt to start just waiting for my wool batting.

This is my Christmas table topper. (Work a little bit on this one)

 And my 30's quilt that I couldn't decide how to quilt it.  I really made a mess of it.  So, I'm playing with for a while to come up with something.  Who knows.

Today is a beautiful day so I think I'll take some quilting outside for a bit.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Knitting a Tam, Add a Snow Moon and Max

Hello everyone!

Nice warm day here today.  Not doing too much today either.  
Football season is done (we didn't win this time, LOL) and it's a walk-around-day!

Last night we were watching the "snow moon" which was pretty impressive!
This is all we saw for the evening.

So on to some knitting.  
I found a nice cream/white for my background and used a variegated sock yarn.

After the ribbing, I began the chart and  worked the rows to the end of the pattern.  Again, I found a mistake at the very beginning of the pattern....I left it.  Jeeze......I'm going to call it a design element.  Too bad.  Oh well. 

Max totally zoned out and gave me the evil eye and wondered why I was throwing a fit. He jumped in his daddy's recliner and decided to ignore me.
Hee hee hee!

Until later...

Saturday, February 4, 2017

It's Finally Done!

Hello everyone!

Well, I finally got the tam done.  
I did make a second mistake and I had to rip the second time, but it's done.  
So in 3 days I can knit one tam.  Not too bad, huh?

This tam is much smaller than the previous one I knit.  But the number of stitches are the same.
So now I'm going to do another one with the tree and heart design (love the trees and hearts) but make it with more rows.  Hopefully that will correct the problem.  
Still looking over some extra patterns to see what I want to do.
No biggie.

Double points for the top.

All ready to be blocked.

Getting food ready for tomorrow's football game. Yum
Now going to quilt a little bit !   

Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Short Break

Hello all :)

Well, here's my mess.  
While pulling a bunch of rows out I found some missed stitches that had laddered down. (Yikes)
 It took me a while to pull and now, hopefully, I'll be able to start again with the double decreases.

I think that this is gonna be much better LOL!

So when I ripped I left it alone for a bit.
I had a dental appointment this morning so I played around with my table topper.
If you look at the circled quilting, I tried "stab stitching."
Not sure if I like the look and it's kinda slow going.
Have to think about it. :)

Later ...

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

It's Froggie Time


Don't even bother!  LOL
I got this small assortment of thimbles yesterday.  Don't waste your money.
I thought I'd try again with the thimble pads, can't use them.  One set as you can see has the little sticky things that are put into a stainless steel (really?)  holder, rip off the protective covering and it sticks inside and the whole mess is then stuck to your finger...yep, right!

The middle thimble I thought would work, it's kinda large for my fingers but the metal is really flimsy and no doubt will break after a while.  Forget it.  It's a Singer product - a jelly.

So I have exhausted all avenues and finally decided to save some money and just don't use one. 
(I said this before remember ? LOL)  
The end of it.  I think I'll take my chances and if my finger messes up I'll use that liquid bandage.

So after all that, I went back to my tam.
I was doing so well.....

I got as far as starting my double decreases.


I screwed up one of the decreases....NUTS!

Now I'll take some time and start ripping, my favorite thing.
I should have put in a  life line after each pattern set.  
Stupid me.  
I didn't think I'd have a problem. HA!

You know what I'm doing this afternoon.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Beginning of Christmas Presents!

Hello there!

Okay, this morning I worked a little on the tam.  
I'm using Palette (fingering wool) by Knitpicks colors Suede and Garnet Heather.  
Size 0 needles for the ribbing and a 2 for the body, circulars 16" and double pointed 2's.  

I'm having issues with my camera to try and get a really crisp picture, please excuse :)

This tam below was finished a while ago and when I looked it over good I found a loose stitch.  
I'll have to fix it before I block it.
I have tried to find plexiglass about 10" round with holes for air to block my tams.
The next best thing (I thought) was to use a store bought pizza tray (cardboard) and it was 10"!!
I had to figure out how to make this work.  I had the idea to use packing tape and cover the circle several times to keep it dry when I give the tam it's bath.  I'm not sure if I should cut a smaller hole in the middle before or after I use the tape?  
Any suggestions?

Until later...

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Let's Dress Barbie!

Hi all !

A long time ago I designed some Barbie clothes to sell.  These are all my original designs.  
I didn't think that I had saved these pxs.
But I did save all my patterns and thought I'd give it a go again sometime. 

My grand baby has quite a collection of  Barbie dolls.  
I don't know if I can dress them all LOL!
Needle sizes I used were 00000, 0000, and 000!!!

I just noticed this red outfit, the skirt seam is shown at the back.

I remember that I had made a few more and will have to dig around.

Still quilting on my table topper.  

I did grab a pattern off the net for a tam.  
Started that today, in between the quilting.....
Now I don't know what to work on!

Later :)

Friday, January 27, 2017

Holiday table topper

Hello all!

I made a little progress this week.  It's very slow going LOL.

Remember that I couldn't use a hoop and a thimble?  Well, with some practice I managed to keep working in the hoop.  However, I still can't handle the thimble and tried those finger sticky things.  Eventually, I didn't like the feeling of the sticky stuff so I've been winging it (without a thimble).  I have ordered several different kinds of thimbles from Joann's and maybe one of them will work.   I think they use the Pony Express for delivery. It's taking forever! UGH

As I'm working, I'm trying to make my stitches even, straight and smaller.  
I'm trying the even and straight first.

I think I've done about 1/3 of quilting.

Well, back to the drawing board!

PS:  I decided to begin making Xmas presents early this year.  

if you go on over to Schoolhouse Press, Meg Swanson created a tam that I fell in love with. 

Photo snag

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