Sunday, October 2, 2016

Whole cloth quilting

Hi guys!

Happy Sunday


Well, I surprised myself.  
Since the purchase of  two whole cloth pillows from the Missouri Star Quilt Company and everything went together like butter, I love hand quilting. Amazing!
I've decided that you really need a high quality fabric (muslin or otherwise) and the best quilting thread you can afford.  Quilt sandwiches should be composed of top and backing and the use of "excellent" batting. 
Lesson learned.
I had to stop the quilting on my wedding ring/friendship quilt, quilting was not working very well.  I'm half tempted to take the dreaded quilt apart and save the arcs and get some high quality muslin and better thread.  But I put it away.  I banished it to the shed. LOL

Okay !!
First pass!

This one was sent to the moon.  When it lands I'll try and do something with it. LOL
(Hint, hint)

I think the second pillow I'm going to hand baste it because I hate to have the pins getting in the way.
But, this one is okay for now.

I'm trying to make equal stitches and have noticed that every now and then I get a few out of line.
I'm not perfect. LOL

So I am so excited that this is working well, today I ordered a Christmas tree skirt to use as a tabletop for my dining room table.  This time, the cloth will be in a natural color and I'll be using a cranberry color  quilting thread to go with our decor.  
I know that it's going to take a while, but I really enjoy the rhythm of hand quilting, especially when you have great material and great thread! But the nicest thing is I love it because it's all marked for you !!
I can't use a hoop and I'm very unconventional with the quilting stitches process. (No thimble) As long as it's basted and can't move around, who cares!  LOL

Watching football and stitching!  All day!

Pizza in the oven, a roast later....Yum, yum
Until later...

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