Sunday, October 23, 2016


Hi everyone!

The last flower for the year. Hate it when I can't enjoy the blooms.  I thought I might like to try and get them to bloom inside?  I'll have to look it up.  You can eat them too! of my favorite seasons is October and Halloween!

I'm still working on this quilt.  It takes a while to get everything prepped.
I did discover that when I used Roxanne's glue I couldn't get the papers separated from the fabric.  I'll have to experiment with something else.  Not sure about a glue stick or a brush with spray starch?  It probably won't be done until next year. LOL

And....I found the perfect thread for my wholecloth pillows.  (I even ordered another baby whole cloth quilt.)  It's a Sulky, thread size 12 weight and has a little twist and sheen.  It doesn't knot up at all.  So when I found this I thought I'd get an economy size and it comes in most all colors at 2100 yards a cone!  It should really last me a while.

And then disaster struck.  I stuck myself and bled on the piece.  I  tried everything to try and lift it out.  But I couldn't wash it quickly because I still had more to go and the blue lines would be gone.  So I'm almost done with it and in the bath it goes.  My fingers are crossed.
Oh, well, live and learn.
I thought if I couldn't get it out I'd probably tea or coffee the piece.  I just want it done now. LOL

Until later...

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