Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Need to Kneed the Bread and Wholecloth

Hi all !

Well, I finished my pillow tops and they will be soaking tomorrow to get out the markings.  I have no idea if the blood stain will come out or not.  I'll have to decide what to do if it doesn't. 
Keeping my fingers crossed.

I guess that you might know this Magic Chef bread maker?  Unfortunately I couldn't find it on Google, especially the 200 model. I still have the small manual that came with it.  
It's gotta be older than dirt, and dirt is old, right?

We got hungry for fresh baked bread (here comes the season for fresh bread and chili, homemade soup) and I didn't have to kneed it when using this gadget.  So this machine had been put away and banished to a closet for a very long time and I just had to dig it out. LOL

It still worked!!!!!

This is the bread machine in motion.  It does a little dance in the bowl.  It looked good at first, but then when I checked on it after the first mix I thought that it was too gooey.  I was right.  So I dumped about 1/2 cup more flour and then it appeared to be the right consistency or so I thought!

It began to rise and do it's thing LOL!  Looks like a brain.

While the bread was doing it's thing, I began to prepare lasagna with three cheeses.  DH has to cut out his beef intake or give it up all together, bummer, but necessary.  Believe me, it's a food challenge of recipes.

Okay lasagna on the way and the bread is done. 

It was a job getting it out of the pan because of the blade in the bottom, but hey, it looked good to me!
Pathetic looking, yes? LOL 
It doesn't look like a loaf, does it?

Poor little loaf. (1 pound) Boo hoo

Kind of a weird shape because it stuck to the bottom, but heck, it was delicious.  I even saved half to make garlic bread the next day.  It didn't go to waste. LOL 
Very crunchy crust!

Okay so tomorrow I'll show you the progress on the pillows, and my next project!  Woo hoo!
Until later...

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