Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Need to Kneed the Bread and Wholecloth

Hi all !

Well, I finished my pillow tops and they will be soaking tomorrow to get out the markings.  I have no idea if the blood stain will come out or not.  I'll have to decide what to do if it doesn't. 
Keeping my fingers crossed.

I guess that you might know this Magic Chef bread maker?  Unfortunately I couldn't find it on Google, especially the 200 model. I still have the small manual that came with it.  
It's gotta be older than dirt, and dirt is old, right?

We got hungry for fresh baked bread (here comes the season for fresh bread and chili, homemade soup) and I didn't have to kneed it when using this gadget.  So this machine had been put away and banished to a closet for a very long time and I just had to dig it out. LOL

It still worked!!!!!

This is the bread machine in motion.  It does a little dance in the bowl.  It looked good at first, but then when I checked on it after the first mix I thought that it was too gooey.  I was right.  So I dumped about 1/2 cup more flour and then it appeared to be the right consistency or so I thought!

It began to rise and do it's thing LOL!  Looks like a brain.

While the bread was doing it's thing, I began to prepare lasagna with three cheeses.  DH has to cut out his beef intake or give it up all together, bummer, but necessary.  Believe me, it's a food challenge of recipes.

Okay lasagna on the way and the bread is done. 

It was a job getting it out of the pan because of the blade in the bottom, but hey, it looked good to me!
Pathetic looking, yes? LOL 
It doesn't look like a loaf, does it?

Poor little loaf. (1 pound) Boo hoo

Kind of a weird shape because it stuck to the bottom, but heck, it was delicious.  I even saved half to make garlic bread the next day.  It didn't go to waste. LOL 
Very crunchy crust!

Okay so tomorrow I'll show you the progress on the pillows, and my next project!  Woo hoo!
Until later...

Sunday, October 23, 2016


Hi everyone!

The last flower for the year. Hate it when I can't enjoy the blooms.  I thought I might like to try and get them to bloom inside?  I'll have to look it up.  You can eat them too!

And....one of my favorite seasons is October and Halloween!

I'm still working on this quilt.  It takes a while to get everything prepped.
I did discover that when I used Roxanne's glue I couldn't get the papers separated from the fabric.  I'll have to experiment with something else.  Not sure about a glue stick or a brush with spray starch?  It probably won't be done until next year. LOL

And....I found the perfect thread for my wholecloth pillows.  (I even ordered another baby whole cloth quilt.)  It's a Sulky, thread size 12 weight and has a little twist and sheen.  It doesn't knot up at all.  So when I found this I thought I'd get an economy size and it comes in most all colors at 2100 yards a cone!  It should really last me a while.

And then disaster struck.  I stuck myself and bled on the piece.  I  tried everything to try and lift it out.  But I couldn't wash it quickly because I still had more to go and the blue lines would be gone.  So I'm almost done with it and in the bath it goes.  My fingers are crossed.
Oh, well, live and learn.
I thought if I couldn't get it out I'd probably tea or coffee the piece.  I just want it done now. LOL

Until later...

Sunday, October 16, 2016

By the light of the silvery moon

Hello everyone!

Last night I decided to try another dish.  
This time using ribeye steaks. We like the flavor. 
But you could really use any cut that you like.

Using my ancient pyrex dish, a skillet will work too, add about 1 tablespoon butter.
Let it melt.

Slice a good sized onion or two.

Add onion to the dish.

Cook until they start to get soft.

Then add your meat.  
I season mine with sea salt and cracked pepper.

And the fun part is to now cover your dish and let it simmer for an hour or two until the meat is nice and tender.  

All ready to serve.

Mashed potatoes work for this one.  Rice maybe?

And last night, what a moon, right?

And some time to spare.  It's finished!  Now for a good soak.

Until later...

Friday, October 14, 2016

It's all in the pan-again

Hello guys!

Tried another recipe yesterday.  
My own this time.
I love to use a mandolin for a lot of different foods.  
I wish I could afford a professional stainless steel mandolin.  
Maybe Santa will leave one for Christmas.
Potatoes are one of the favorites I love to slice thinly.  

So with my new cast iron grill (on top of the stove) (love it, love it) use a little olive oil and some butter.  I cooked them until they were on the crispy side and it didn't take very long.  Season to taste and sprinkle with paprika.

After your potatoes are done, wrap in foil set aside, and prepare two pork chops (cut of pork is your choice).  
I love using "Panko" this is so much better than regular bread crumbs.  I used garlic salt/sea salt, pepper to taste.  Make an egg wash with one egg.  Dip your chop into the egg mixture and coat with Panko.  There should be enough egg that you can do each chop twice.  Place in the pan and let it go!

Once the chops are done on one side, turn.  
 I'm a great believer of a thermometer probe.  
When they reach their destination, you're ready to eat.  

Using "Panko" makes them so wonderful and crispy.  
They were so good that the dog even had some. LOL
Still working on my quilted pillow.  
Hopefully I'll finish it tomorrow!
Until later...

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Whole cloth quilting

Hi guys!

Happy Sunday


Well, I surprised myself.  
Since the purchase of  two whole cloth pillows from the Missouri Star Quilt Company and everything went together like butter, I love hand quilting. Amazing!
I've decided that you really need a high quality fabric (muslin or otherwise) and the best quilting thread you can afford.  Quilt sandwiches should be composed of top and backing and the use of "excellent" batting. 
Lesson learned.
I had to stop the quilting on my wedding ring/friendship quilt, quilting was not working very well.  I'm half tempted to take the dreaded quilt apart and save the arcs and get some high quality muslin and better thread.  But I put it away.  I banished it to the shed. LOL

Okay !!
First pass!

This one was sent to the moon.  When it lands I'll try and do something with it. LOL
(Hint, hint)

I think the second pillow I'm going to hand baste it because I hate to have the pins getting in the way.
But, this one is okay for now.

I'm trying to make equal stitches and have noticed that every now and then I get a few out of line.
I'm not perfect. LOL

So I am so excited that this is working well, today I ordered a Christmas tree skirt to use as a tabletop for my dining room table.  This time, the cloth will be in a natural color and I'll be using a cranberry color  quilting thread to go with our decor.  
I know that it's going to take a while, but I really enjoy the rhythm of hand quilting, especially when you have great material and great thread! But the nicest thing is I love it because it's all marked for you !!
I can't use a hoop and I'm very unconventional with the quilting stitches process. (No thimble) As long as it's basted and can't move around, who cares!  LOL

Watching football and stitching!  All day!

Pizza in the oven, a roast later....Yum, yum
Until later...

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