Thursday, September 15, 2016

It's in the pan!

Hi guys!

The other day DH bought me this square, top of stove, cast iron grill.  I've been using a very large and heavy cast iron pan for just about everything.  You can't beat it, cook it on the stove and/or shove it in the oven, use a rack or bamboo steamer.

Walmart, our local Brookshires Grocery Store and Bed, Bath and Beyond carry them and they are online as well.

My DH and I went grocery shopping the other day and he stopped, looking for another probe thermometer  where all the gadgets were and there - OMG - were 2 of these pans marked down to 10$!!!!  PERFECT
I should have bought them both, but I thought I had a real find!
This sucker is really heavy, just like my big one, and I can hardly lift it.  After using both I should  develop some muscles not to mention it's a good weapon. LOL

Anyway, I was surfing around and found a really great recipe to break it in!

Two thick pork chops with pockets  Will try a bone in next time.  I think it offers a really good flavor.
Crumbled bleu cheese
Salt, pepper
Olive oil
2 apples cored and thinly sliced.
Add special spices that you love.  I can't because my DH can't eat anything green (vegetables or herbs) because of his clotting time.

Okay, stuff pork chops with bleu cheese 
(I may try stuffing them with both cheese and apples the next time)
I also thought a nice stuffing would also work with the bleu cheese and apples.
Sprinkle w/salt and pepper
I also used my trusty meat thermometer for the pork. Let them cook, doesn't take very long.
Cut up apple slices add some butter in this pan and coat them.  Let them brown a little bit.
They were soooo delicious!
We decided that it really did grill on the stove top.  It was amazing. (We like to grill out!)
Of course the cast iron grill takes a little care - no soap - use a brush - wipe and wash and then coat with some olive oil.  Heat and let cool and you're done.  It gets nicely seasoned use after use.

After the great dinner I pulled out the dreaded quilt. 
 I pieced this one very, very long ago. 
 I think if I go back a bit I might have showed you the px.
Anyway I have had a hard time trying to determine what kind of quilting pattern to do.
I can't seem to settle on what I should do.
Any suggestions?

I used Solvey first, however it began to pucker and then it was very hard to get the needle through because of the gunk on the sticky side.  Forget it.

Then I thought what about just echo?  I admit I'm not a very good quilter.

Then I tried a stencil.

Another stencil.

I don't know what to do :)
Thinking,  mmmmmm
Until later...

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