Saturday, September 17, 2016

A rare day!

Hi guys.  
Okay, started messing around with this pattern AGAIN.  I like how this pattern looks.  For the sides I thought I'd do a tight feather design.  I have no idea yet. LOL
I can't make up my mind.

I have no idea how this will turn out, and I may change my mind.
I'll keep going until I hate it LOL.  Then rip it out again.

Then for another story (I may have told you before):

Basic routine for me is going to bed about 10p.  The dog from hell gets three treats on his pillow and sleeps on the bed.  Okay he eats them, I fall asleep and usually wake up between 6 and 7 am.  No biggie.  DH is a night person and usually sleeps mornings, noon, etc. LOL  However if his internal clock just happens to register 11 am he is out of bed to watch his show. "JEOPARDY." This definitely smacks of old age, doesn't it?
Okay, in between all of this going on, I'm so lucky and I'm smart enough to be really quiet or I get the chance to take out the dog in the morning. 
If the dog from hell licks his skin off, DH yells at me to take him out.
Okay out with the dog. Lucky me.
This morning things went according to plan.  However...I observed the dog who was still on the bed that he was "eating" his biscuits that were left over from the "hotel "that puts his mints on his pillow every evening or so I thought.
I noticed the dog this morning going on with gusto.  I really wasn't sure what he was doing.
UNTIL I went to get him off the bed.

Ugh!  He was chewing on my retainer that stops me from grinding my teeth.  If you have ever had one of these made for you, it's expensive and you don''t want anything to happen to it.
I must have flung it out of my mouth when I got back into bed.
Thankfully he didn't do any damage. 
That's all for today!
Until later...

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