Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Lotus Mitten Continued

Hi guys!

It's been kinda hot here for a few days.  We thought we'd have some rain today, fat chance.

As an experiment, I took my food thermometer and put the probe in the sun. LOL
It was set to reach 212 F, but the temp kept going up on the left, ya right, in the sun?  I could almost cook a chicken on my deck if it was true (chicken -160 degrees).  I think I might need to buy a new one, don't you?  Something's wrong with it for sure, gotta be.  I've used the probe many times and it has been working perfect every time.
 Me thinks it blew a circuit.

So I took a slight breather and did a few things around the house today and for the evening hours I'll come back to the dreaded mitten.  I've just about had it, I can't wait till it's done and I still have the thumbs to go. So much for Bengay.  UGH!

One more motif to go on double zeros. 
 (Remember I ordered a triple 0 for another pair!  Shoot me. ) I'm going to have to go up to zero or ones for the others.  I keep knitting so very tightly, but got gauge and the tinier the gauge the more intricate it can be.  If pigs could fly.  (Believe it, I have a pattern for pig mittens, too.)

However, I think now that I should have taken the red wool, wound it, tied it off and dunked it in hot water while in it's original state so I could get the color out. (I've also microwaved wool, too, it smells but it works.)  Just like when I spin from my wheel and prepare a bath for fresh wool.  
I think I may have a problem.  It's gonna bleed. 
Too late now. LOL

Until later...

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