Friday, July 15, 2016

Poor Little Doggie

Well, I stuck with this mitten, I'm not giving up.  I want to make a pair.  I ripped it all the way back to the cuff and began again.  I just had to READ the instructions to make it work.  DUH!  My only problem now is to keep the rows together when knitting in the round.   I hate when it zags.

So it's going to take me a while to get to the end of the pattern.  My gauge is 10 stitches per inch.  Teeny tiny.  And, just think, I have to make another one!  LOL

This is so embarrassing but my dog had his grooming appointment and physical today.  He got the works.  (Every 6 months) But he certainly has not been very happy when we picked him up.  I actually felt sorry for him.  He looks devastated.  I did have a laugh when we picked him up (he was scalped).  But now after really looking at this poor dog, he looks awful,  pitiful. He lost his cuteness.  He's a long haired Chi and probably should have never been cut like this.  When he was younger he had a beautiful skirt that reached the floor.  Then DH took him to the groomer.  I'm not going to tell him that I hated it.  I like the natural look.  Oh, well.  One unhappy puppy.

He didn't even like me to take his picture.   He looks so sad.   Poor puppy. I better get back to my knitting and hopefully his hair will grow back over night.  Ya think?

He doesn't look very cute.  Sad. 
Until later...

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