Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Making a Norwegian Mitten or Not!

Hello, dear readers.

Today I'm looking at this mess I made.  It is supposed to be a Nordic/Selbu mitten, a test knit of sorts.   It's a shame that I'm going to rip it down, but  there are a lot of mistakes and I was trying various sizes of needles.  The ones I settled on was a double zero to get a gauge of 10 stitches per inch!  Amazing.  LOL  It's like pins and string!

As I investigate how to knit a proper "Nordic"  and/or "Selbu"mitten I'm finding a wealth of information and the meanings of the designs.  It's fascinating!

This free pattern can be found on the Internet.  If you're interested in the pattern you can search for Hedda Knits, August 2010.

I had no problem with working the cuff but I'm still scratching my head about the thumb placement and how to knit it.  Maybe there's someone out there who could give me a stitch count?

According to the pattern you have to add three stitches, but you can see that it turned out wonkey.

Okay so then I got the bright idea to use the Magic Loop Method.  It worked fine for one mitt but I decided that I needed a longer one to make two at a time, so it's in the mail as I speak. LOL
Sooooo, on to the red mitt....I can't read the thumb chart.  I got the gauge though!
So then I notice on this piece that when I knit in the round my stitches have not worked out that it was one stitch one row off, circular.   You can see the thumb beginning but it's not gonna go anywhere!

So this is the chart.  Okay now what do I do for the thumb?

I'm still thinking about this, any help I would greatly appreciate it!!!
Until later....

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