Monday, July 18, 2016

Keeping the Course

Hello, dear readers.

My current project is making me nuts.  Of course to get gauge I had to use 00 needles.  10 stitches per inch.  I could not figure out the pattern until I just got away from it and ripped it up and started it again.  The wool is so mangled and felted. Ugh.  But I'm going to keep on.  I have no idea  how the shaping of the top is going to work out, but I'll find out. LOL  The thumb gave me fits.  Finally could figure out the chart but now when this one is done I'm going to have to reverse it.  That should be fun!

This is now the first repeat of three. Oy!

If you see a mistake, don't tell me....I'll call it a design element. LOL
The other day I ordered a present for me!!!!!! It came today, of course,  while I was food shopping, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to get it.  Bummer.
Until later.... Will show you.....

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