Thursday, July 28, 2016

Down to the wire

Hello, dear readers.

Well, I tried.  I wanted to make a change with this blog and it didn't work out well. LOL
So, I'll keep it for now till I figure it out.  I'm not good with the mechanics of this stuff.

Okay, the other day I got this wonderful purchase.  It's direct from Latvia.  When you want to make a Latvian mitten you go to Latvia!
I am loving this.

The pattern and wool came in this cute box.  I'm itching to start this of course. LOL

Beautiful wool.  I can't wait to dig in.

But I am hell bent on finishing one pair of these blasted mittens. LOL  Making one is an accomplishment, making two is nuts.  Go figure.
So now I know how to knit "stranding" !!!!

Started on the second cuff, and hope it goes faster than the first one.  Of course, it should, BUT
remember the last post about the needle experience with Amazon?  Well, I ordered it again and got ANOTHER 16" size 00!!!!!  I gave up with Amazon.  Sooooo I found yet another company and ordered another one.  It should be arriving soon.  It's a lot easier on a longer circular than a shorter one as shown when doing the magic loop.  I'm always afraid that the needle points will snap at their joints.  Haven't had that happen yet, but would definitely NOT want it to happen.  Keeping fingers crossed.

 Until later...

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