Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Tiger Lily Jacket

Hello, dear readers!

It's been a month....eeeeeek!
There has been so much going on running to the doctors, running to the doctors, again and again!
It's not been fun, but I'm not going to complain.

So with everything going on health wise, projects have been stopped and started.

I found this beautiful Nordic Tiger Lily Jacket at and I just had to have it.
This pattern was created by Mary Ann Stephens and her wool is just wonderful to work with.

Okay, cast on and go...

I was going along and then stopped to look it over.  
I didn't think that I made any mistakes (HA)!

Then, I found it!

So now I'm ripping, ripping, ripping.
What a mess!  I couldn't just leave that mistake.  It's so glaring and especially it's in the front which I'm going to cut it.  CUT IT!!!!!!!  
Did I really say that?  These stitches are called "steeks".....eeeeeek!

I've ordered some sewing supplies for a few Christmas presents which I'll show you soon.  I haven't been able to start sewing because I have to clean my sewing room out.  I can't find anything....should take me a month (maybe).  LOL
I'll try to post a little better :)

Until later...

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