Friday, April 1, 2016

Hexagon Friday

Hello, dear readers !

Well, I've been eyeing the Accuquilt.  Have you seen this yet?  I was thinking of buying one but it's a little way out of my budget.  I would have to win one. LOL

Okay, so how to do this....
I need lots of hexies for a quilt and I have the templates for cutting the fabric and English paper pieces.  So what I tried was to take the template and draw out as many that would fit on one page of regular paper.  Okay this worked!  It's not perfect so this was only a test because I wanted to know if it would work.

Okay, then tried ironing the fabric on to the freezer paper and ran it through the printer!  So I had 12 hexies on fabric and then sliced and diced.  It took all but 5 minutes.
Having fun!

Until later...

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