Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Tale of Two Cities

Hello, dear readers !

Here it is a brand new year!  

And along with a new year are new and exciting challenges.
The Tale of Two Cities is EPP and hand stitching.

You have seen the first rosette all done and now I'm trying to select some fabrics for the second one.
I'm still debating :)
 This one I'm using  "Inklingo" which you can jump on over to Linda Franz's website for a wealth of information she has for printing on fabrics and many, many projects for hand piecing and also EPP.

But in the mean time I started another one (OMG!) using the English paper piecing (EPP) method.  I'm hoping that I have enough to do two (oh, what was I thinking).

Too late, ha ha ha!  I love both methods.  I'm using EPP for this quilt.  You can get all your supplies through
Both of these quilts are going so slowly because I change my mind when I want to use a different color.  I've noticed that I must like the color orange. LOL
My preference.  Yes?
Okay, so on to printing my fabric and using my papers.  It's gonna be a trip!
Until later...

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