Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thursday for Ballet

Hello, dear readers !

I'm having so much fun, I wish you could join me!
Tonight is football!  Need I say more?

These are some of the fabrics that I intend to use for this quilt.  Some of my fossil ferns are only pieces so I'm going to wing it - and I'll have to add that px, sorry.  
The bottom fabric is Kaffe Fassett and I'm using that selection for another quilt.

So basically I've changed my mind (again) to stitch this one using Inklingo.  So far, it's relatively easy.  I have had problems with ironing the seams.  I found that if I press each round before I add the next, it works okay and looks a lot neater (well, at least to me).
Almost ready to iron.

I've got a few more stars to go and then the next layer to add.

Max was supervising the printing.

I needed 100 skinny diamonds for stars that's going to be added soon.
Print and sew - a snap!
Too bad he couldn't slice and dice for me :)
easy - peasy

Well, more to get done.
Until later...

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