Thursday, November 5, 2015

Three Millefiori Quilts

Hello, dear readers!

I'm still very busy.
This piece of fabric started out as one fat quarter and I had to figure a way to get at least 10 identical sets of something.  Taking the time to really, really look at your fabric, something magical happens.
The repeats were in a swirl!  Yay!

This is what I cut and wrapped using EPP.

Plus I had a smidgen left for the stars.  I'm trying to put it all together for you as a finished rosette.  I can tell you that I've not had this much fun with quilting in a while.  It's amazing what you can turn up with the fabrics.

Now I'm thinking that in order to have enough repeats I might (might) buy yards.  But I'm holding back on this because I wanted to use most of my stash.

I am still in the process trying to decide colors with my fossil ferns stash.  I may have to add something different, but I'll be happy just to mosey along.

Ballet beginnings

Hopefully, tomorrow I'll be able to show you the next round.

I also ordered EPP papers and an acrylic template for another beautiful work of art
which is in book 1 and is called Memories of Asia.

You can take a spin to and see all the wonderful papers, templates, and goodies.  They have everything you could need.  I really like using the glue pen, wrapping the papers goes really fast.  I have thread basted some of the smaller pieces, but it's your preference, or I can trade off when I need a change of pace :)

It's so addictive, unreal.  
It's a fabric puzzle!
Gonna play!
Until later...

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