Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sewing day

Hello, dear readers !
It's been fun for the week so far.  I was able to work on my hexies  (will show you that tomorrow) and today a partial shipment arrived from Keepsake.

I really needed new fabric, right?  LOL

I finally made a decision to use the papers from and will get an extra set when I run out.  It appears that when I take my time and don't rush it, the pieces come out really great!

I'm not perfect, but it's okay for me. :)

The zebra looking fabric hats are for pattern E and I'm going to need 50 for this rosette. 

As I got into it, I really had a lot of fun trying to find a decent piece of fabric that I could use for this shape.  Kind of silly, but I don't care.  The wackier the better.
Well, back to the fun!
Until later...

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