Thursday, September 17, 2015

La Passacaglia quilt

Hello, dear readers !

Well, I've been playing with the center design in the La Passacaglia  quilt.

Let me tell you what I've done.  Stitching the star ring took a lot of effort, using the EPP papers.  My hands hurt after making a few stitches.  They are tough stitching them together.  
Must be old age. LOL

The ring is ready to be stitched to the center two rows already finished.

So anyway this is what I came up with.  
With Inklingo - you can find it here, I printed out a master copy of each page piece.  Then I made copies of each with 1/4" seams and without seams.  The 1/4" FP is for fabric to be wrapped around the FP papers (the paper pieces).  I do like the glue method best.  It goes so quick.  You can print the pieces with the 1/4" on your fabric and off you go!

I must admit that I like EPP because I love to see the little shapes in my sewing box, all ready to go,  With the FP I found that it's really easier using this to stitch.

Until later

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