Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Spider Lilies

Hello, dear readers!

Well, I blinked my eyes and there they were!  Spider lilies!  Aren't they cute?
They were just hanging around and there they were, in all their glory.  This is the second year they bloomed.

So, I've been working steadily on this baby blanket.  I didn't realize how long it's going to take me to finish it.  Then I've got another couple of balls of yarn left to make the jacket, hat, and booties.  I think the kid will be a teenager before I finish it all. LOL

I'm waiting for a small order that it's coming from Annies Catalogue.  Should be here by the weekend to go with my flower garden quilt.
Until later...

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Granny's Flower Garden Quilt

Hello, dear readers!
Well you know me, always changing my direction.  It doesn't matter because I'm definately scattered brained too. LOL

Okay, I'm using EPP from  and cutting my squares 2 and 1/2 by 2 and 1/2 and using a basting thread.   Using an egg carton to hold all my little hexies for now.  And, we will go from there.

More later....

Thursday, September 17, 2015

La Passacaglia quilt

Hello, dear readers !

Well, I've been playing with the center design in the La Passacaglia  quilt.

Let me tell you what I've done.  Stitching the star ring took a lot of effort, using the EPP papers.  My hands hurt after making a few stitches.  They are tough stitching them together.  
Must be old age. LOL

The ring is ready to be stitched to the center two rows already finished.

So anyway this is what I came up with.  
With Inklingo - you can find it here, I printed out a master copy of each page piece.  Then I made copies of each with 1/4" seams and without seams.  The 1/4" FP is for fabric to be wrapped around the FP papers (the paper pieces).  I do like the glue method best.  It goes so quick.  You can print the pieces with the 1/4" on your fabric and off you go!

I must admit that I like EPP because I love to see the little shapes in my sewing box, all ready to go,  With the FP I found that it's really easier using this to stitch.

Until later

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Saturday afternoon

Hello, dear readers!

Max is going crazy with all the fabric all over the place. He moved on me in this shot.   LOL

Okay, some observations with this quilt.

I bought one package of papers and these were the smallest packages available.  They have various sized packages.  So 2 small packages yield 920 pieces.  However the total number for the whole quilt is 2900.  So, you can see where this is going 
If ordering from I would recommend the complete set of 2900 and get it over with.

My only problem now is the color selection and how I want to present the fabric.  Go figure. LOL

So then I broke down and went to and ordered some fabric collections.  I was especially looking at Kaffee Fassett bundles.
So, here I go.
Until later...

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Passacaglia Quilt

Hello, dear readers!

This weekend, I've been working on The Passacaglia Quilt.
It's like eating potato chips, you can't put 'em down.

It's amazing that there are so many combinations of colors you can use.  The list is endless.
I must admit that I really don't care to make all the stars, but they are necessary to the pattern.

I should have ordered all the pieces (2900) and I may do it yet.  I had to re-order some more (starter) paper pieces from and I did order their "Sewline Fabric Glue Pen" and the refills.  I really like the glue method, quick and easy and it's over with.  I was using Elmer's glue stick and it worked fine but the "Sewline" was a lot easier to handle.
I just ordered one Jenkins freezer paper pack which should be here on Tuesday.
I have combined with paper piecing and it's working very well.

I have enough to keep me busy.  Oh, I almost forgot, I had to sneak in a fabric bundle from Kaffe Fassett which should ship soon....I can't wait!
Until later...

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