Sunday, August 9, 2015

A very lazy day!

Hello, dear readers :)

Remember this sweater?  I started it a very long time ago.  It took me ages to get to the end.
It's a Patricia Roberts design.

But look at it now!  It's done, well almost. The sleeves were finished on vacation as well as the button bands.  Just the neckband and button bands need to be sewn on.  Then it will be ready to be shipped out.
One project (almost) finished!

I've been following "justonecookbook" because her recipes are just wonderful.  I have tried many of her recipes with much success.  
She recently cooked a "baked croquette."

My take on the recipe was to use leftover mashed potatoes.   I chopped one good sized onion, oil, omitted the ground beef, black pepper, Kosher salt, (I didn't have "panko" )so I used herb breadcrumbs, butter and 1 large egg, and some flour.  Since my husband and I really like potato pancakes with sour cream, this was a good second.  What surprised me the most was that my DH raved about them!  Who knew?  So if you start from scratch or use your left over mashed potatoes, it will be a hit.

Not too sure what I'm going to try to fix tomorrow.  It's only 104 degrees here.  I may have to shop at 11 pm to avoid the sweltering heat.
Until later ...

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