Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Monster Mash

Hello, dear readers!

Yes, it's been a miss mash of things.

Well, I worked a little bit on my quilt.  It's been slow going.  
I stopped production for a bit.  Had to get a new rotary blade.  
When they really get dull they shouldn't be used....maybe except for paper. Ha!  
I have completed one rosette.  (Will snap a px tomorrow.)

So to break it up a bit, I gave a try to make a cake recipe I found on FB.  One box of cake mix and 12 ounces of Sprite.  (There is a list of different mixes and sodas to use).  Mix together.  Spray your 9x13 pan, pour into pan and cook for 30 minutes.
It was very tasty.
No eggs, no oil, and no water.
DH ran out to the store to get fresh fruit, whipped cream, and French vanilla ice cream.  
Go figure. Ha, ha!

I finally, FINALLY finished my grand daughter's sweater.  
It took me a long time, but it's done.  Hope she can wear it for a month or two, LOL.  
They grow so quick.

I have a few more things I'm working on, that I need to take pxs of, one being a baby blanket for my niece's new baby which is on the way and need to knit faster and some tatted Christmas snowflakes.  It's never too early to start, right?

And last but not least.....

We (I) wear flip flops practically year round here.  However, when you need to change your toilet seat for a new one and hold it perpendicular, and you drop it on your toe, make sure you are wearing SHOES!
Believe me, I saw stars.
It hurt like hell!
My toe will never be the same again.


Putting my foot up.
Until later...

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