Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Dresden Bird

Hello, dear readers !

We are saying prayers today for those in Nepal and those in Alabama and their families.

I've been busy.  I keep adding more plates LOL.
Another day or so, and I should be done with them.  (Maybe)

Not too many to go yet.  
I had to order a few more things that I needed and my favorite choice is, of course, Amazon.  

My orders are coming soon.  Don't you love to support UPS?

So, I originally thought I would just fold the tops over and just give 'em a press, but I can see that it's going to be more difficult than that.  So then I got the bright idea (after ironing the plates nice and flat) to use a really lightweight sew-in interfacing.  I'm hoping this will make the plates look nice, neat and crisp when turned.  For the quilting part of it, I ordered a Hobbs washable wool batt and a Sulky water soluble sticky 8 1/2 x11 for the squares without a plate so I can quilt a design.  
We will see.

Then, there's the birds..................

For years we have had birds that have nested in our birdhouses.  Last year we had to get rid of two houses because they were so old.  DH replaced them with two new cedar houses, one large and one small.  We waited, and waited, and waited.

A male sparrow started chirping and then we had a female and there was much activity at the nest, both bringing twigs, and other nesting materials for several days.  We were ecstatic! LOL

So as we continued to watch, we didn't see the female again.  
DH found a broken egg on the deck.  
We feared the worse.  The egg was kinda crunched but you could tell what it was.  

Anyway, this morning I was watching activity with the male sparrow (by the way is name is "Jack").  He's been chirping all day this morning.  
Then WOW of all things...
the egg you see in the photo above is the egg that the male sparrow had in his beak (his head was coming out of the hole) and the insides were dripping out and he dropped it on the ledge.  
I couldn't believe it.
So then after a while the male came out from the house again with another egg in his beak.  
Off he flew!  Who knew?
Fingers crossed.  He's still chirping!!!!
Until later...

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