Tuesday, March 17, 2015

VIVID Blanket Spring!!!!

Hello, dear readers.

Is it spring yet?
It should be right around the corner, yes?

It got a little warm today so we had to put on the air, not the heat! Yay

I'm working on a bunch of things.  Whatever I feel like picking up I'll work on it. LOL
So, I've been playing around with this pattern, VIVID.
The pattern calls for size 5 needles.  I made the first one with the 5 needles and it measured about 7".
I wasn't happy with the needle size so I took it down to a 3.  For me, it worked a lot better and the finished measurement compared by using the 5's and 3's was not much at all.  So I opted for the 3 needles because it felt better in my hands.

I've been going around sorting out all my fingering weight yarn and trying to get it all in one basket -  maybe 2 or 3? LOL 
So when I watch the telly I can knit a couple during the evening.
It's a lot of fun and they really make up quick.
I did manage to master the "pin hole" start.  That gave me fits, but now I can do it.
So, you know what I'll be doing.
Until later...

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