Tuesday, March 17, 2015

VIVID Blanket Spring!!!!

Hello, dear readers.

Is it spring yet?
It should be right around the corner, yes?

It got a little warm today so we had to put on the air, not the heat! Yay

I'm working on a bunch of things.  Whatever I feel like picking up I'll work on it. LOL
So, I've been playing around with this pattern, VIVID.
The pattern calls for size 5 needles.  I made the first one with the 5 needles and it measured about 7".
I wasn't happy with the needle size so I took it down to a 3.  For me, it worked a lot better and the finished measurement compared by using the 5's and 3's was not much at all.  So I opted for the 3 needles because it felt better in my hands.

I've been going around sorting out all my fingering weight yarn and trying to get it all in one basket -  maybe 2 or 3? LOL 
So when I watch the telly I can knit a couple during the evening.
It's a lot of fun and they really make up quick.
I did manage to master the "pin hole" start.  That gave me fits, but now I can do it.
So, you know what I'll be doing.
Until later...

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Fun Sunday

Hello, dear readers !

Happy Sunday.

Just wanted to share how my hexagons are coming along.

What I did was I used my Inklingo for hexagons but decided I really wanted a bigger hexie.  So I printed off several sheets of freezer paper and then ironed it to another piece of freezer paper.  This was really very sturdy to do EPP, and I used the hexies with the 1/4" seam to make it bigger.  One sheet was kind of flimsy.  The next step was to slice them up and punch a hole in the middle and off I went.  I just kept adding the white hexagons until it was the width I wanted for a lap quilt.  I had previously made the flowers using 2 different blues and a white center.  It's a work in progress. (One paper pieced and one with running stitch as previously shown in an older post.)

Then yesterday, my sister-in-law pointed me to a website that I really went nuts over.

Take a look.

Woooooo, of course I have to make one of these babies.
She has a wonderful website, chock full of goodies.

My daughter gifted me the pattern, called VIVID.  
This will be for all the fingering weight wool and sock weight yarn that I've accumulated for a very long time.
This is the pattern made with double pointed needles size 5 (when big enough I changed it to a 12" circular.)
I wet blocked it and it measures 7".  I'll take it! LOL
(It's not a very good closeup, sorry)

I'm going to have to get in a rhythm of when to do what. LOL
I've got a ways to go with both.
Until later...

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Hello, dear readers !

Not much happening here except I stitched one block the Inklingo way.
Woo Hoo

This block needs to be ironed, but I couldn't wait to show it :)

I spent a little time printing my fabric and slicing all my pieces.  

More to go!
Until later...

Monday, March 9, 2015

What to do when it's pouring outside! Inklingo, of course!!!!

Hello, dear readers !
Well, I finally took the plunge.

All I can say is that Inklingo is the bee's knees.  
Once you try it, you'll never go back to the "old" way of quilting.

In the previous posts I showed you  English paper piecing of three POTC's (Patchwork of the Crosses).  To make just one block it took me three days of frustration!!!!

Forget it :)

In one day I cranked out one row of the crosses and stitched them in quick order.  I haven't decided yet as to what I'm going to do for the next two rounds.  But the crosses, I do know, I will certainly like.  I am somewhat envious about others who are working on or who have completed this quilt.  I just don't have a ton of focus fabrics so I had to make it up somewhere, so I just went with color.
Not too shabby.
Hope you get a chance to swing on by Linda Franz's blog and website.  There is a ton of wealth there for every quilt enthusiast.   www.Inklingo.com. 



It really helps to take photos of your work.  Now I notice the bottom cross seems to be a bit wonkie.  Will have to check it out.
Going to print off  a stack more tonight.
Until later...

Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Change in the Works

Hello, dear readers ! 

Well, I am moving along with another POTC block.

Now I see the upper two white patches are not equal as well as the right, so when I get back to it, I'll take it all out and fix it.  
Until later...

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Hello, dear readers :)

It's been kind of chilly here recently.  We did have snow and sleet and we're glad it's over with.  We were afraid that the tree limbs would become so heavy with ice they would start to break.  
Today we have a light rain, just enough to make it miserable.

But, not to worry!
I've been working on Lucy Boston's POTC.

I have been digging around for fabric, AND I have been tossing it in the washing machine.  Just think about that!  I (usually) never wash the fabric. LOL

So for your viewing pleasure, I've managed to get the first one sewn together and finished up the second one.

It's really a fun challenge to select the colors that will make up each block.  
More to go.
Until later...

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