Thursday, February 19, 2015

Baltimore Halloween

Hello, dear readers :)

Today there was a small accomplishment.  Yay !!!!

And I don't mean this clown.  

I was laughing so hard that I couldn't take a proper px. (I moved) LOLOL

So on to the "Baltimore Halloween." 

The first thing is I decided on a method of how I'm going to approach a particular quilt.   For the Halloween Baltimore I decided to needle turn with the help of "glue."  I'm not a very good needle turner with the right side facing you and using a 1/4" seam to turn under and for this one I didn't want to leave raw edges and use a machine blanket stitch, not for a Baltimore.  (My choice, right?)

So after this decision, I used transparencies for the patterns.  I take the whole pattern for the particular block I'm going to work on and run the transparency through the printer.  This way you have the front and the reverse side of the pattern.  I also run off a couple of patterns with freezer paper on the reverse side.  Cut out as many pattern pieces that you can that are not intersecting or lying over or under with another piece.  Later you will use the extra pieces from the extra sheets you printed.  For example, the ghost sits on a leaf, cut the ghost out in one piece to be placed on top of the leaf.  Then cut out the whole leaf from the other copy, noting that the leaf has sections you do not turn under.   Okay reverse pattern, use pattern piece to be ironed to the wrong side of the fabric.  Then bead the piece with glue and press and smooth with your fingers.   
Did I explain that well?

So then I began working around the quilt by following the numbers.  Cool, huh?
I may have to re-position some of the pieces later.  But that's no biggie.

It helps to see the block from a px.  
I need to swing the right side facing us a little better, don't you think?

I'll adjust this later.  In the mean time, 
I'm trying to select the thread so I have everything all together to stitch.
This will go into one of my portable tables and I'm good to go for the evening.

I'm wondering though, should I cut out all the remaining patterns and prep them and leave all the blocks to be stitched together once, or would that be too assuming.  Hmmm
Maybe what I'm doing for this block would break up the stitching?  Not sure.  

We'll see where it goes.
It really didn't take me long to cut out the pieces, so I guess I don't mind. :)

Until later...

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