Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Baltimore Halloween

Hello, dear readers !

Hope you had a wonderful day today?

I haven't been blogging for a bit.  
It has been "walk-around day."  
Or days. 
It has been a week, I think.  I just couldn't get anything in gear.....does that happen to you?

Until today.

Max has been keeping his eyes on me. LOLOL

Soooooo I pulled out this Halloween Quilt.  
I've had it for quite a while.  
I looked it over and had to decide on what method I wanted to use.  
I tried several and decided to use a reverse pattern, using freezer paper and glue stick//Roxanne glue-baste-it.  So this morning I got organized and gave it a whirl.

This is how far I got today.  
I may work on it some more this evening.

Until later ...

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