Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Another turn in the road

Hello, dear readers!

Okay, okay I know that you're gonna love this, but I had such difficulty with using glue on the Baltimore Halloween, I couldn't even stitch it down on the background.  I couldn't get my needle into the ding dong fabric!! 
I left it by the wayside and just put it back in the box and it will stay there until I figure out what I can do with it.  LATER


So with that out of the way, I had to turn my attention to something I found on the net and have kept going back to and trying to find more eye candy.

What I'm talking about is Lucy Boston and her Patchwork of the Crosses or POTC.  Have you seen this?  You must see this quilt.  It is breathtaking for sure.

I have read  a little history of Lucy Boston and thought that I really would like to make this quilt and it won't happen overnight either. HA!

So for three days I've been working on making one block to see if I could do this.  And....Yes I can.
I need 24 honeycombs to make a block.
The method that was originally used was EPP or English Paper Piecing.  

I designated one sheet of paper for one cross block  So first, I carefully drew out the honeycomb pattern to fill an 8 1/2 x 11 page.  Okay!  It took a while, believe me, but this is a test run to see if it's going to work out.

I dug out a bunch of fabric and had a go.  I even washed the fabric!  
Finally putting the honeycombs together and got this below.

Now to stitch them together.

No muss, no fuss, no sweat and quick!  I'm trying to figure out what is the best approach, i.e., cut out all the papers as I go or all at once or a block at a time?
No biggie, right?
Until later...

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