Saturday, January 17, 2015

Need more chocolate, I think

Hello, dear readers !

I was having a good old time, making some more "Inklingo" hexagons, when disaster happened..
 Max felt sorry for me I think.  
Maybe he's thinking that I'm so goofy and just rolled his eyes.

This is NOT what to do with a rotary cutter.
Pay attention!

I must say that it finally stopped bleeding and the skin kind of sealed itself....LOLOL

Anyway, this morning was ironing day.  

Saturday is a relaxing,chocolate day.  Mmmmmm
Real hot cocoa the old fashioned way.  
Add some real whipped cream with some shaved dark chocolate.

Later I'll make some more hexagons and figure out how I want to put them together.
So the moral of the story is, SAFETY with your rotary cutter. 
I was lucky it was only a good nick, it could have been the whole tip of my finger in one swoop!

Until later...

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