Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Inklingo !!!!

Hello, dear readers!

Well, you know I'm one that likes to try new things (all the time), love gadgets, quilting, and other crafts.  
Well, this one takes the cake.

When I found Inklingo, that was it!

Do you know you can take a full page of a shape, iron your fabric on to freezer paper and PRINT it off!!!
The shapes with their seam lines and cross hairs are beautifully printed.  
Then stack them up and slice and dice and AMAZING you have your shapes!

You have to check out Linda Franz and her Inklingo website. I hope you get a chance to visit.  
 It's fantastic.  
 I couldn't really decide on what shape I wanted to try first but selected the hexagon to make a lap quilt called Grandmother's Flower Garden.  It's such fun!  So quick, so fast!

So with the freezer paper and fabric it's so quick - you won't believe it.  
I have also learned some helpful hints for hand piecing that I didn't know.  
One thing was with the pressing.  
In order to make the quilt joining nice and neat, you have to make sure that you press every flower the same way. Hmmm
Once I got the hang of the pressing it looks neater than ever.

Okay, but really, the most fun is to iron your fabric to the freezer paper and start to print the page.  
Out pops the fabric already to go. 
So I can get  5 - 6 sets of flower petals and one sheet of contrasting centers in an instant.  No lie!
I have prepped several flowers for later so I can "nest" in my chair and have a nice, hot cup of green tea.
I'll keep you posted!
Until later...

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