Friday, December 5, 2014

Something to do over the weekend?

Hello, dear readers :)

Happy Friday!

Okay, here's what's happening.  I finally decided to end my "test piece" neck warmer.
Observation is that for now I really want a two colored arrangement.  (Especially a nice warm brown and a cream).  But that's not going to happen yet, unless I go looking in my stash (not today). 

I've selected a creamy white and a bright blue.  All the wool  for this particular pattern is fingering weight from Knitpicks. The white is "Bare" at about 400 yards and the blue is "Pallette" is 220 yards.  
NOTE:The pink is being used for waste knitting (your choice of scrap).

So with waste yarn, I measured out 3 yards then cast on 180 stitches on a circular #3 needle, place marker  and join.  Make sure your stitches don't twist.   Knit for about 4 rows in (pink) waste knitting that you will be cutting off later.

For this particular pattern we will be making an eyelet hem before we begin with the design.  Just my own opinion is that this type of treatment looks a lot crisper than a ribbing pattern.  Your choice !
Using the color of your choice knit 10 rows.  The next row are picots:  yarn over,  *k2tog, yo* to the end. (180 stitches)  Now knit another 10 rows and then we will join the two together and then begin with our pattern.
You will need extra stitch markers to be used with a 36 stitch repeat.

Until later...

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