Sunday, December 14, 2014

Shoots and Mooses

Hello, dear readers !
So yesterday I worked on my neck warmer.
How are you doing?

I was at the halfway point.  So today, being a football day,  I was determined to finish the moose section.

 And...... I've been checking on my mung bean sprouts.  I finally found out what I was doing wrong. 
They are now growing as predicted.  YAY
You can see some green in there which are the shedded hulls.  
Way too cool.
Once they get going there is no stopping them....This batch was about 1/4 of mung bean seeds and they grew quite a bit, more than I thought. 
But nice and tasty.  YUM
These will become a salad according to
She has wonderful recipes.  Hop on over to her site. :)

 Well, back to the drawing board.
Until later...

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