Friday, December 26, 2014

Neck Warmer Knit Along

Hello, dear readers!

Happy Holidays to everyone.

Okay, my neck warmer has been giving me fits.

I had to rip out the whole star section and redo it.

What a MESS!

So, I managed to get the final star pattern knitted and am now working on making the picot row.

I'm not sure at this point if I want to make a lining or not.  I suppose it would be a lot neater, don't you?

Now I'm thinking I could finish it off by the picot hem and then doing a 1x1 blue and white check in keeping with the design of the pattern.  It might take me a while to do this or just plain knit it.  I haven't decided.

How's everyone's knitting coming along?
I'm thinking about the next, neck warmer and what pattern I might design.
Until later...

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