Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It's already December???

Hello, dear readers!

Moving along with my neck warmer and I'm almost out of cream wool, so I have to come up with something. Hmmmmmmm

I think I prefer using only two colors, cream and a contrast.  This one just doesn't thrill me.  I'll see how I can figure out how I'm going to line this too.  Remember, this is only a trial run.  The actual knitting didn't take too long to do.  So it's no biggie.

I managed to fix my mung beans and they're coming along okay.  I keep picking off the green hulls.  Some of the beans have sprouted and this is the 5th day.  I'd like to get them a little fatter and longer.
Something to play with.

Now you see it (leaves)and now you don't.  Amazing.

Have a great day!
Until later...

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