Sunday, December 7, 2014

A stitch in time

Hello, dear readers !

Hope this day finds you well ?

Okay, I've included my pattern for the neck warmer.

 By now, I'm assuming that you have done your picot hem?
Ensure that you are picking each and every purl stitch so that there is no chance of a missed stitch.  When you work the second part of the 10 row hem, it will be the 10th row that you will be incorporating into your design.  Pick up one stitch from waste yarn and one from working left needle and knit together.  Continue around.

Neat and tidy picots!

This neck warmer goes pretty fast if you do a stitch count and you never have to look at the pattern for the total duration of knitting.  Stitch count ! you say ? a really quick and easy way to knit.

Still working on my new piece.
Any questions?
Until later...

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