Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Is there a fungus a "mung" us?

Hello, dear readers !

Well, of course, I'm always trying new things and  when I found the "just one cookbook" website,  I was left drooling.  She is fantastic.

One of her recipes I wanted to try uses mung bean sprouts.  

Went to the store and found one package of sprouts that was left for the day old bin.  Soooo anyway I bought the bag and made her bean sprout affair.  I didn't have the hotter spices called for, but had the rest of the ingredients.  Fixed the sprouts, stirred into the mix and popped it into the fridge.
Later, I went to give it a taste test.......
OMG!  I loved it!!!!
I loved it so much I ate the whole thing!!!!
So what to do?

This is where my eldest daughter comes in!  Thank you, Susan!
A while ago I talked to my daughter about growing sprouts.  And she sent me "Easy Sprout."
At that time I had no clue what growing beans and seeds was about. 

Until I found the mung bean sprout recipe.

So I began looking for places that sold "mung" beans (sprout-able).  I found the cutest website that sells all kinds of beans and seeds and also had a sprout system the same as the one my daughter gave me.  Well, you know I just had to buy another one, right?
My package arrived today from "sproutpeople.com"

This site is chock full of information, as well as a being so humorous, you'll have to see it for yourself.

So, now this is my new "toy" and it will take me a while to learn all about growing, washing, rinsing, etc. But I'm determined that my next mung bean sprout salad will be "fresh" and home grown.
Will keep you posted...

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