Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Is there a fungus a "mung" us?

Hello, dear readers !

Well, of course, I'm always trying new things and  when I found the "just one cookbook" website,  I was left drooling.  She is fantastic.

One of her recipes I wanted to try uses mung bean sprouts.  

Went to the store and found one package of sprouts that was left for the day old bin.  Soooo anyway I bought the bag and made her bean sprout affair.  I didn't have the hotter spices called for, but had the rest of the ingredients.  Fixed the sprouts, stirred into the mix and popped it into the fridge.
Later, I went to give it a taste test.......
OMG!  I loved it!!!!
I loved it so much I ate the whole thing!!!!
So what to do?

This is where my eldest daughter comes in!  Thank you, Susan!
A while ago I talked to my daughter about growing sprouts.  And she sent me "Easy Sprout."
At that time I had no clue what growing beans and seeds was about. 

Until I found the mung bean sprout recipe.

So I began looking for places that sold "mung" beans (sprout-able).  I found the cutest website that sells all kinds of beans and seeds and also had a sprout system the same as the one my daughter gave me.  Well, you know I just had to buy another one, right?
My package arrived today from "sproutpeople.com"

This site is chock full of information, as well as a being so humorous, you'll have to see it for yourself.

So, now this is my new "toy" and it will take me a while to learn all about growing, washing, rinsing, etc. But I'm determined that my next mung bean sprout salad will be "fresh" and home grown.
Will keep you posted...

Monday, November 24, 2014

Mish mosh or there abouts

Hello, dear readers!

Found this guy just hanging around the other day.  He was pretty big I must say.

This church is located in Savannah, Georgia.

Just as beautiful on the outside as the inside.

Now back to Hilton Head Island.

Jim tried to ask the pro if he knew of any tips that could help his game. HA!

Okay, back to reality!  What's cookin' now.
I found this pattern while I was surfing the web.  It is at whosgotthebutton.wordpress.com.
I had some junk wool laying around so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Hmmmm.  I guess I know what I don't want to do again.
I'm putting in the moose or deer whichever floats your boat.  I'm not crazy about the structure of the hearts.  I'll have to find something else to go into that area.

Here's the wrong side.  I intend to knit a lining in a much thinner weight (how thin can it get? we'll see)

I think that when I do the next one, I will have to spin some cream and some brown wool.  Using the cream color in the photo is my handspun wool.  I really like how that works up.  So I'm going to have to figure out the yardage.  Hmmmmm (again)

Until later...

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Finally, a clothes rack.

Hello, dear readers :)

Still working on Christine's Honey Napkin.

But I had a design challenge.  Of course I wasn't thinking, was I?  UGH!
It was supposed to be two motifs with loops and one plain.  What did I do? UGH one with and one without loops.  I left it alone.  If it doesn't curl, I'll leave it.  It doesn't look too bad, does it?

My flowers are on the last hurrah! 
 I even took the seeds and planted them again in a pot. 
Couldn't believe that they are growing still!
Not too sure if I need to bring the new shoots in or not.


On the radar.

We first lost our clothing pole a long time ago.  It has fallen three times!!!!
This is the last time we are doing this.  I'll call in a closet maker the next time.
Jim took careful measurements and we placed all the clips.

Finally, it's up! 
 We don't know for how long LOL!  
We had a bunch of holes from the last time trying to hook it to a dry wall. UGH

We are still in the process of throwing away junk and just hanging the necessities.  
I'm saving the heavy coats for another closet.  

We are pooped and ready for a rest.

Oh, yes, I'm working on something new.  Can't wait to show you what's cooking!
Until later...

Friday, November 7, 2014

Christine's Honey Napkin

Hello dear readers :)

Finally, I managed to finish the 6th round of my sister's doily.

The next round is will take a little more concentration.

I also had the occasion to shop at Barnes & Nobles for a dog biscuit cookbook.
I'm hoping to try this over the weekend.

Well, you know what I'm gonna do!
 Until later...

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Hello, dear readers :)

It's been one happy vacation of sorts.
We traveled to Hilton Head Island for a reunion.  It was spectacular!

The weather was on our side and everyday was wonderful.

Max gave his approval of our motel that we stayed in.
He's waiting for us to pull down the covers so he could get a nap!

Of course, we had delicious snacks and wonderful friendship.

This little pond on the property was deceiving because there are alligators that come up to the yard.  Thankfully, we didn't see any.  The dog would have made a tasty treat.  What a thought!

Part of the crew.

Jim was having a great time!

Who knew?  The Five Guys was a wonderful place to eat.  
It was our first time, and the hamburgers were out of this world.

Our hamburgers were delicious!!

The trip is 3 days of driving and 2 nights in a motel one way.
The next segment will be of Savannah, Georgia.  I have always wanted to see it.  I just loved the book, "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil."  We got to see the house that was featured in the book.  The history was so wonderful, I probably would go back again.

Well, you have some idea of our "reunion/vacation."
Will post more pictures again tomorrow.  We are both very tired.  
Until later...

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