Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Honey Napkin - Revisited

Hello, dear readers !

Now that the quilt is almost out the door and in the mail, I tried to finish the third round with success.
I tried twice to get it going without re-threading the shuttle and I kept making stupid mistakes.
But I wouldn't give up!

I'm really enjoying tatting this. 
 I've tried so many before with different colors.  I really love how this shades.  
It's from Handy Hands, Lizbeth thread color Pineapple Parfait, #170, 20 weight.  
Even the name "Pineapple Parfait" sounds good enough to eat. Doesn't it?
This completes the third round.  
The next round consists of clovers.  
They're a lot of fun to do :)  
I've got a little bit left on the ball of thread to begin the 4th round.  
Will see how it goes.  
I ordered 4 balls but I have the sneaky feeling that I'm going to need quite a bit more. 
No biggie.

Until later...

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