Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Christine's Honey Napkin

Hello, dear readers!

Well, it's been pretty cool here for 2 days and today it's hot and moist!  LOL  
Air came on so it's heating up again.
I managed to find one of my lizards just hanging around, minding his own business.  
We have quite a few that like to crawl up and down the porch.  
We like to see them change colors.  This one forgot that he was walking on a white substance. LOL

You'd never know that this cute little dog is the "DOG FROM HELL!"
He also flunked kindergarten in doggie school.  
Go figure!

And........drum roll.... ta da......I'm almost finished with the 4th round!

I've renamed the doily as "Christine's Honey Napkin."
This particular doily is at Renulek.blogspot.com.  
The pattern is not written out but it's very easy to follow the numbers.
The only thing that I know is that some of the rows will require two shuttles for a row or two.
I'm hoping to finish this round by this evening.
The next round is the same as 3.  As I work on each row, it naturally gets bigger and bigger and takes longer to tat and what it normally takes to do a round at first, it goes very fast. 
Until later....

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