Sunday, August 17, 2014

Cast Iron Skillet

Hello, dear readers !

Well, I learned something today.  You don't need several pots and pans to cook, you only need one, ONE cast iron pan with a lid.  I threw out all my Teflon pans that were scraped and really bit the dust. 
(They needed to go)
So, I gave it a try with my granny's cast iron skillet.  Enough for 2 people.

Okay, I used two apples- your choice.  Half of an onion, chopped.

One cup water, two cups rice in a rice cooker.  Let it cook while you are preparing the onions and apples.
When the onions and apples are cooking and turn out to be brownish, add your pork chops and let them cook. It doesn't take very long.  When done, serve the pork chops with apple slices/onions and a scoop of rice.  Delicious!!

It's in ONE pan, (well, I guess we have to consider a rice cooker,) but you just need to clean ONE pan!!!   No muss, no fuss, no cleaning, no pots or pans, just serve it.  
It can also  be popped into the oven to keep it warm.  
How cool it that!
Until later...

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