Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Almost Done !

Hello, dear readers !

Tonight I finished off another hankie.  I've actually finished two and have two more to finish off.  The hankies were purchased at www.handyhands.com.  I have never, ever had such a quick delivery with any order I've placed.  It's totally magic. I have several mint green hankies to go and a few other colors waiting in the wings to be tatted.

I've always wanted to try one of Mary Konior's patterns.  I had difficulty trying to read her charts but I finally got this pattern  right.  This edging is called "Baby Lace" and it seemed to take forever to tat.  The book is "Tatting with Visual Patterns."  I used one ball, 20 weight, Lizbeth thread color 175.

So now two are almost done.  Just hide the threads and block and they'll be good to go.
I hope I have enough pins!
Until later...

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