Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Evening

Hello, dear readers!

I've been going nuts to try to get a few hankies done quick, quick.  You know how that is. Yup.

I'm using the same pattern for this one as the blue one.

I didn't block the blue one yet and a little more to go on the lavender. 

Max says hello :)  
He had his annual check-up today. 
 It was fun, yea, right. 
He had his physical, all his shots and think that he really won't be himself tomorrow. 
 Blood work, teeth, heart worm, etc.,  you name it, he had it!

For dinner tonight, I am making chicken breasts with peppers and herbs.  We love garlic.  It smells divine.
The green onions were fresh picked today from my garden.  
I can't wait to harvest some tomatoes.  
They surprised me!  I should have a bunch of them soon.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Until later...

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