Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I hate swatching!

Hello, dear readers :)

This morning I tried to make a swatch. LOL.  I hate to make swatches.  But I did. (Okay Paula, you made me do this, LOL) After looking at two swatches, I couldn't tell the difference between using a size 4 needle and 3 needle.

This is the first edition of Jacqueline Fee's book, "The Sweater Workshop."  Copyright 1983.  I actually made myself a sweater using her instructions. A very long, long time ago.

I had the most beautiful wool from Canada.  It was a color combination of a beautiful blue and black fleck.  I did everything the book said to do.  

The construction of the sweater was amazing, even the grafting of the underarm.  I was thrilled.  However, after I washed it, I screamed....the sweater was not the same. It had shrunk and  I just about cried. 
Now I know.
There is no place in the text that says to "dress" the swatch and THEN take the measurement.  Okay, now I know better!
Her second edition did not mention it either.

So, today, I actually swatched! 

This is a cone of  100% wool, and I have no idea from whence it came. LOL
I'm gonna use it though.  I think there's enough yardage on the cone to make one sweater.

Swatch done and in it's bath.  Will let it sit awhile, and take a measurement.

So on to the next project.

I'm still working on my granddaughter's sweater.  Making the button bands now.  Hopefully, I'll finish this off tonight.
Have a good evening!
Until later...

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