Friday, March 7, 2014

Boots and Pants

Hello, dearies :)

Today I had a brain storm.  A brain storm you say?  Maybe a bird brain storm.  
However, I will also show you what I'm still working on. Oh me. :)

Another sock!!!!  I'm not progressing very well to fill up my outgoing sock basket.  I have only one pair so far....must keep knitting, must keep knitting.
Boots and pants, and boots and pants, and boots and pants.
Don't you love Maxwell, the pig?

Okay, another sweater from the top down for my dear little grand daughter, Sadie.
Almost to the ribbing and then pick up the sleeves.  It's in the works.  Can't go fast enough.

And here is the brain storm! 

No, it's the "storm at sea" a miniature paper piecing quilt.  I thought I'd use my EQuilter for a 4'' paper piece.  So it will measure out to 3.5".
Very, very tiny pieces.
I'm trying to measure fabric and see how complicated it is.  I would love this pattern to make a few placemats.  Haven't decided yet.

So I don't know what the weekend will bring.  Nice weather I hope and then maybe I'll change my mind on this mini quilt.
Until then....

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