Sunday, March 30, 2014

AT LAST - One project done

Hello, dear readers !

It's done...... really........ really.......... done. 
I'm sooooo glad. 
 It's finished!  
It's really very soft and cushy to the touch.  
The wool is by Knit Picks, Andean Treasure, 100% baby alpaca, color, lagoon.

I managed to find some really cute, ladybug buttons for the sweater.  This pattern starts at the neck and works downward, beginning with the collar.  I really didn't care to knit the button bands separately and sew them on.  Next time I'll incorporate the bands so I don't run into any problems.

 With this sweater done, I can tackle another project.  There are so many you wouldn't believe it.

Hmmmm, what do I do next?

Until later...

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