Sunday, March 30, 2014

AT LAST - One project done

Hello, dear readers !

It's done...... really........ really.......... done. 
I'm sooooo glad. 
 It's finished!  
It's really very soft and cushy to the touch.  
The wool is by Knit Picks, Andean Treasure, 100% baby alpaca, color, lagoon.

I managed to find some really cute, ladybug buttons for the sweater.  This pattern starts at the neck and works downward, beginning with the collar.  I really didn't care to knit the button bands separately and sew them on.  Next time I'll incorporate the bands so I don't run into any problems.

 With this sweater done, I can tackle another project.  There are so many you wouldn't believe it.

Hmmmm, what do I do next?

Until later...

Friday, March 28, 2014

I had to rip )

Hello, dear readers :)

I've been busy!  
Yesterday, I started with a cast on and got about and inch or two, and then realized that I didn't use the "KEY" number!  Rip, rip, rip....

Back to the "Gauge Page."

So this morning I re-did it and got a little bit more done.  Supposedly you can make the body in two evenings, one evening for each sleeve and three for the yoke.
Hmmm, we will see!

I said previously that I did do a swatch.  So the worse thing that could happen would be it will be too small.  Keeping my fingers crossed.
Until later....

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I hate swatching!

Hello, dear readers :)

This morning I tried to make a swatch. LOL.  I hate to make swatches.  But I did. (Okay Paula, you made me do this, LOL) After looking at two swatches, I couldn't tell the difference between using a size 4 needle and 3 needle.

This is the first edition of Jacqueline Fee's book, "The Sweater Workshop."  Copyright 1983.  I actually made myself a sweater using her instructions. A very long, long time ago.

I had the most beautiful wool from Canada.  It was a color combination of a beautiful blue and black fleck.  I did everything the book said to do.  

The construction of the sweater was amazing, even the grafting of the underarm.  I was thrilled.  However, after I washed it, I screamed....the sweater was not the same. It had shrunk and  I just about cried. 
Now I know.
There is no place in the text that says to "dress" the swatch and THEN take the measurement.  Okay, now I know better!
Her second edition did not mention it either.

So, today, I actually swatched! 

This is a cone of  100% wool, and I have no idea from whence it came. LOL
I'm gonna use it though.  I think there's enough yardage on the cone to make one sweater.

Swatch done and in it's bath.  Will let it sit awhile, and take a measurement.

So on to the next project.

I'm still working on my granddaughter's sweater.  Making the button bands now.  Hopefully, I'll finish this off tonight.
Have a good evening!
Until later...

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weaving a Zoo

Hello, dear readers :)

Well, I'm still working on the frog quilt among other things.
I recently received a book that I have been looking for, for a long time.

Aren't these creatures adorable?
Hoping to weave the material for the lion.  Since I'm relatively new to weaving, I'll have to do some practicing.  
I recommend this lovely book if you can locate one.  
I'm going to have to finish up a bunch of projects I started before I go any farther.
Until later...

Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Quilt in the Making

Hello, dearies :)

I've been pretty busy.  Working on finishing a pair of socks, two sweaters that I need to do, and my latest quilt that has to be done asap!!!

"Over by the Pond"

I just fell in love with this quilt.   It is paper pieced. This came from the Quiltmaker's All Time Favorites.  Spring 2001-special issue.  This is not my pattern.  I just had to make it for my grandchild.  I thought it was sooooo cute!  Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to take a few shots of what else I'm currently working. LOL
Have a great evening!
Until later...

Friday, March 7, 2014

Boots and Pants

Hello, dearies :)

Today I had a brain storm.  A brain storm you say?  Maybe a bird brain storm.  
However, I will also show you what I'm still working on. Oh me. :)

Another sock!!!!  I'm not progressing very well to fill up my outgoing sock basket.  I have only one pair so far....must keep knitting, must keep knitting.
Boots and pants, and boots and pants, and boots and pants.
Don't you love Maxwell, the pig?

Okay, another sweater from the top down for my dear little grand daughter, Sadie.
Almost to the ribbing and then pick up the sleeves.  It's in the works.  Can't go fast enough.

And here is the brain storm! 

No, it's the "storm at sea" a miniature paper piecing quilt.  I thought I'd use my EQuilter for a 4'' paper piece.  So it will measure out to 3.5".
Very, very tiny pieces.
I'm trying to measure fabric and see how complicated it is.  I would love this pattern to make a few placemats.  Haven't decided yet.

So I don't know what the weekend will bring.  Nice weather I hope and then maybe I'll change my mind on this mini quilt.
Until then....

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Hello dearies :)

Well, I managed to take two shots of the Town Square that I unearthed and am currently working on. 
Luckily, my sister-in-law had saved the patterns.  Yippee!!!

So, I managed two shots and will have to take some more stuff tomorrow.  I had to send DH to the store for groceries.  Now that's a treat, LOL.
He usually comes home with twice as much as I have on the list.  When you buy one and get one free, that's his thing!  I can't wait to see what I'm gonna get :)

 My toe hurts a little bit today, so I'm taking it easy :)
Until later...

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tip Toe Through The Tulips

Hello, dearies :)

I can't believe I've not posted in such a long time. 
Tisk, Tisk

Well, do you know what it's like to break your great toe?  I'll tell you.  It hurts like crap!  How do you get comfortable?  How do you walk on one foot?  Needed crutches.  How about your toe swelling like it grew a twin.  It  throbbed!
Never again will I try to get the ice off the steps using the front of my foot and smacking it so hard that I broke my toe :(  I saw stars......Passing out would have been a good thing :)

So, tomorrow I'll have some pictures as to what I've been doing with myself besides nursing my toe LOLOL!

Until later...

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